SpectraLicensing Group is the exclusive worldwide licensing agent, of FranceTelecom, for Turbo Codes and Turbo Code related patents.

Turbo Codes were invented by France Telecom researcher, Claude Berrou, in 1993. France Telecom is now the holder of the key patents for Turbo Codes and associated applications.These patents are being made available through the Turbo Code Licensing Program to ASIC and equipment manufatcturers, as well as IP Core Developers on a non-dicrimanatory basis.

A patent license is required in most instances for implementation of Turbo Code technology within a communications application, such as an ASIC, DSP, FPGA, or software.

Turbo Codes are the most powerful form of commercially practical forward error correction (FEC) available today, operating near the Shannon limit, increasing bandwidth by 50%, and achieving greater power efficiency than current commercially available FEC schemes.

Due to the advantages of Turbo Codes they have been adopted into several worldwide communications standards such as:


• CDMA2000 (3GPP2)


• 802.16 and HiperMAN

To learn more about Turbo Codes and obtaining the required licenses for your product, please contact our licensing representative Erik Johnson.