As a new form of forward error correction and with the increasing demand for more bandwidth by users and greater efficiency by providers, Turbo Codes are being adopted by manufacturers to meet these demands.

The result is that Turbo Codes are popping up in the news on a weekly basis due to the current wireless standards and advances in satellite communication applications. Some of the sites and online publications that we like to follow are listed below along with press releases specific to Turbo Code applications and Spectra Licensing.

Press Releases:

"The HomePlug Power Alliance Selects France Telecom's Turbo Code Program in Its AV Specification." - Feb. 08, 2005

"Spectra Licensing Group announces Gilat's entrance into the Turbo Code License Program for DVB-RCS Satellite Applications." - Dec. 15, 2004

"France Telecom adds Broadcom to Turbo Code License Program for Satellite Applications." - Aug. 26, 2004

"Comtech AHA Partners with France Telecom R&D..." - Oct. 08, 2002
"SOMA Networks Partners with France Telecom..." - May 06, 2002
EETimes - "France Telecom targets chipmakers for FEC royalty" - Dec. 18, 2001
France Telecom Press Release on Turbo Code Licensing Program - Oct. 22, 2001

Links to Organizations which have adopted Turbo Codes:

News sites:
UMTS World